Sunday, October 16, 2005

The world of an Interracial Romance Writer.

Well. I don't know how to start this so here goes nothing. I've wanted to write books from a very young age, but I never had the time or a critique partner to help me out. So I just left it along and started doing other things. However, two years ago the thought popped into my head again and I decided to give it a chance.

Now, I've finsihed one complete mss and working on the sequel. In addition, I joined a group with a bunch of wonderful people to help critique my writing. (I need all the help I can get.)
I haven't gotten any offers for it yet. But several agents and publisher have liked the characters and storyline. However the best compliment was I have *Talent*
But I'm having very hard time getting my IR romance published out there in the mainstream market especially without an agent.

Now on to the questions:

(1)Do you think it harder to get an IR book published when the main charcters invovle a white man with a black woman?

(2) Do you like seeing an IR couple (models) on the front of your book or would you rather have a title with cover art?

(3) Do you think more famour or well-established writers should try to write IR romances.

(4) Do you like it better when the hero and heroine have an instant attraction to get each(I don't mean have sex on the front date, not that there's any wrong with that.) But do you reading the build-up in the relationship before they tangle the sheets?

Thanks for your comments!


Stephanie Williams said...

Hey WriterDiva it's Kittydiva!

Great questions, let me take them in order.

1. I think it's harder in the mainstream market-not ebooks. And if the hero is described as Super fine and the heroine as a "darker" shade of brown, it is a little harder. Like I said this not the case with ebooks.

2. I LOVE seeing models on the book, especially if they match the descriptions in the story. I think when it comes to the romance genre, the cover is the main draw.

3. Yes, I would love to see Nora Robert do an IR BF/WM Book and Angela Knight do an erotic book that's BF/WM, I think that would give the IR genre a real boost.

4. Instant attraction? It depends. Sometimes I like it when they see each other and they have to have each other then, it make the story move faster. But it has to be done right. Slow build up can work also, it' just depends on the story.

That's my two cents.

Anyway congrats on getting your Blog. See you on the boards.


Rachel Cade said...

1. do u mean as opposed to other ir racial makeups such as ww /bm
or ww/ hm ? or just instead of same race romance?
as far as same race books I will have to say yes. only because pub houses and agents dont think of it as such a main stream market which to them means fewr sales potential
--and is it harder for a bw/wm book to get published than a ww/bm
i will have to say no--becuz I dont see as many ww/bm pairings in ir books--of the thousands of books I have scene i know of less than five or six off hand

2 I prefer seeing the models. that visual means a lot to the people that want to purchase the book --you dont have to guess if its ir and its also nice to see the publishers not being afraid to market the book that way

3. Yes! as a fan and a writer. the more the merrier IR romance needs all the help and publicity it can get to break down all those barriers to mainstream

4. I think that if you are reading a book about by a writer with any skill they can pull either one off and make you love the story. personally i dont have a preference as long as it goes wih the story--however i do have a beef with writers who make you read until like pg 300 of a 400 page book to get to the goodies--
my exception is enchanted by elizabeth lowell --like I said skill of the writer
:) cool questions SD look forward to reading your blog
michele[alexysejade] Rachel Cade

scstarza said...

Hello, I think that more and more women are reading IR books especiallly BW/WM. I think that it is getting easier for these types of books to be published by main stream publishers. I am a collector of IR books particularly BW/WM and I have found I may have to track them down but they are out there. has a lot of these types of books on their website, plus IR Lists.

2. I like to be able to tell by the cover that it is an IR book about BW/WM. I hate the cover of books that are misleading...where you think that you are purchasing an IR book of BW/WM and it is the opposite. I noticed that alot of these books have WM on the cover solo.

3. I think that the more the public demands these types of books the more they will be in mainstream book stores. I know that if I want to get an IR book, most times I have to go to a special section at Borders where they have an erotica section next to the romance section and I am more than likely to find the book that I am looking for.

4.I just love a good story so if the love happens at the beginning, middle or the long as it happens.