Monday, February 27, 2006

Loving True excerpt

Everyone here's a small excerpt of Loving True. I'm still not quite finished with it yet, but I wanted everyone to get a feel for my hero Hayward Campbell.

Let me know what you think.

Chapter One
Construction industrialist Hayward Campbell walked across the porch of his newly remolded home and squinted in the bright morning sunlight. It was July, and up in the mountains it meant scorching sun and cool breezes. He let his robe hang open, enjoying the breeze across his naked chest, and the slight flapping of his green silk boxers against him. He sighed and stepped on the dew covered grass, the soft green grass felt good to his bare feet as he sauntered along.
He was in no hurry, the peace fullness of his cabin was the thing he needed, and hopefully in time, it could help to mend his battered heart. Nothing could ever fix the damage that she had done. But if what everyone said was true, maybe he could learn to live with it.
Hayward slowed his gait. Unconsciously he caught the edge of his robe and pulled it together. Someone had moved in the house next door because the For Sale sign was gone. He felt a burst of anger at the intruder; this was his peace of heaven. Who would dare invade his paradise?
How could he not notice someone was moving in next door? Was he so locked away inside this house that not once did the sound of a moving truck echo through his ears? Just how long had the For Sale been missing from the yard? A month? A week? He really couldn’t remember the last time he saw the tan sign next door. His real estate broker had tried to make the owner an offer for him, but the guy never would accept any of his offers.
He had lost count how many females had rented the house only to leave after two months of living there. Rural Montana wasn’t a place most women want to live in the first place, so he still didn’t until why so many moved in next door.
There weren’t any clothing stores or restaurant for miles and he loved that. The unfortunate women who had moved next door found out rather quickly and moved rather quickly.
The further away he was from the fast paced speed of the city the calmer his life was. That kind of life had cost him something precious and he wasn’t about to be pulled back into the lifestyle again for anyone, no what how much his family wanted it.
His brother called him last week and tried to coach him into coming back for a little visit, but he turned him down instantly. Now, he loved his brother however it was past time Clinton stopped trying to heal his wounds. His like the pain the memories caused him, it made him realize how being focused only on money shattered his life.
Rubbing the side of his eyes with the back of his hand, he blinked some of the sleep from his dark blue eyes and wondered about his new neighbor. Would it be another woman this time? The last females who had lived there within six months of each other thought he might need a little ‘extra’ neighborly hospitality, but he shot their ideas rather quickly. He didn’t move out here to find a warm body to his bed doing the winter months.
Hayward couldn’t want to find out who was the next person was that decided to take on the chance of living in that huge house next door. It didn’t matter if it was a family, a man, or a woman. As long as they left his to his own devices he would be the best neighbor that anyone could ask for. He was about to turn and go back into the house the sound of a speeding car coming down the street caught his attention.
A firecracker red Mustang pulled up into the driveway next door and the roaring engine became a soft purr before it was shut off. Well, his question was about to be answered in a few seconds. Please don’t let it be another lonely female looking for a man, because he wasn’t about to fit into the role ever again in his life.
The car door swung open then as he watched, a pair of well-toned cocoa legs appeared, followed by a nicely firm bottom encased in blue jean shorts. She got out of the car, stretched, took in a long full breath, and his blood warmed at the sight. He would swear a plain white t-shirt never looked so good.


Lorraine said...

What a great intro! I would love to read more. Please continue!


JDUB said...

OK i'm hooked that was a great opening.... Looking forward to buyin ghtis book? Also Deepest Love sounds wonderful when can we look forward to this book coming out.


Irish_maze said...

Good opening. You let into the mind of the hero and I like that. I think you only had one typo, which is excellent. Cause typos tend to distract me. LOL

Writerdiva said...


I'm glad that you liked the intro. I'm about finished with the revisions, but I'm going to read over it one last time before I submit it.

Writerdiva said...


I'm glad the opening hooked you...I'm hoping to submit Loving True by the end of next month.

Deepest Love is the first in a series of book I'm working on about the Drace brothers. There will be three more in the series. I hope to have My Deepest Love finished by June. I'm about half way through it now.

Writerdiva said...


I really try to watch out for those typos. Hayward is an excellent alpha male in my opinion. I really hope I can get him published.

Thanks for the compliment.

cinquetta allen said...

Damn girl, you got me hook!! Please hurry up and get this book publish. Congraduation!!! Marie, you did the hard part by finish your novel. Now the easy part is getting it publish. Good luck my fingers and toes are cross!!! HOORAY!!!!

Writerdiva said...


Thanks so much for the compliment. I'm working so hard on getting this book finished.
I'll let you know what happens. :)