Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Sneak Peek at Loving True for my fans

Since Loving True didn't get released on Feb.9th Here's a small UNEDITED excerpt for my fans.


True glanced out the open window by her couch in her living room. The full moon owned the sky. It sat high with a million stars tossed around it. This was usually her favorite time of the day to read. But tonight the neatly typed pages didn’t hold her attention, so she tossed the romance novel on the table beside her. “I’m so bored.” She tried calling Stephen earlier, but he wasn’t home. She wasn’t used to this kind of peace and quiet. A week was fine. But after two weeks of it, her nerves had her clawing at her skin to get out.
“God, I can’t stand this.” True complained looking around her African inspired living room.
She should be happy with her life; however her body and mind were lonely. She was dying for another person to talk to. Hayward is right next door why don’t you go talk to him, her mind thought. True shook her head. No, she rather die from boredom than spend another second in his rude company. “I can find something to do on my own without involving him,” she uttered.
Rising from the couch, she wandered restlessly around the house and ended up in the kitchen. As her hand reached to flick on the lights, the faint scent of steaks grilling drifted through the kitchen window drawing her attention outside. Brushing the curtain to the side, she peeked out the window and watched Hayward toss another steak on an expensive looking gas grill in his backyard. Her eyes wandered over the snug fit of his well-worn blue jeans, “Hmmm. I’m surprised there isn’t some leggy model type over there with him,” she exclaimed. “Men who look like him usually have that type of woman clawing all over them.”
Easing over to the door, True cracked it open a few inches because she wanted to get a better look at that hot body. What if I’m wrong and there is a woman over there with him and I can’t see her from the window? She didn’t know why she cared if Hayward had a date or not. After the way he treated her earlier, she should just turn right back around and go back into the living room, but there was something about his coolness that drew her. For long as she could remember arrogant men always turned her on, but this was the first time she had ran across one as conceited as Hayward.
In horror, she watched Hayward’s head swing around. He winked when he caught her eye. Jumping back True slammed the door; she placed her hand over her heart, and it fluttered underneath her palm. How could she play indifferent now when he caught her staring at his ass?

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Thanks for the preview can't wait to be out :)