Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Unedited excerpt from upcoming book Beneath the Surface

I thought I would treat my loyal fans to a sneak preview at one of my upcoming books. Let me know what you think.

Driving around late at night had become a second love for Pierce because he could go without the hood on and not have people staring at his face. It gave him such a peace that no one else could imagine. He was still worried about what happened this afternoon with Rynne. She left without even saying good-bye to him. Turning at the next corner he wondered had he ruined the possibility of her ever coming back to his house.
Whenever he had a hard day seeing Rynne always added the spark of fun he needed. But he loved more than her pretty face he also got pleasure from the way she listened to him.
It was like every word that came from his mouth was important and meant something. She didn’t agree with him to pacify his ego. If he was wrong hell Rynne would tell him right out then and there. Conversations were more in depth with her than any other women from his past who agreed with his every point of view. None of them ever argued or express a difference of opinion. His past girlfriends were like trained pets at his beck and call. Women liked those he didn’t want in his life again, Rynne was so refreshing. There wasn’t a problem she wasn’t willing to tackle. About a week ago she had gotten on him for allowing cottage style house he lived in to look so bad.
Rynne had gone on to tell him that if he didn’t want to appreciate the home he needed sell it to someone who would. God, what an outspoken woman she was. Now he had lost all of that because of a few careless words. People said words can’t hurt another person, but he knew what he said caused Rynne to leave. Stopping at the corner for a stop light his eyes picked up on a young woman jogging in the distance.
Leaning over the wheel he made out Rynne’s shapely body in white shorts and a yellow t-shirt, “What in the hell is she doing,” he growled turning at the corner. “Doesn’t she know how late it is? Wait until I get my hands on that gorgeous body of hers I’ll shake some sense into that willful head.” Driving past her Pierce parked his car and got out.
* * * *
Rynne’s heart started to pound in her chest when the car stopped a few feet in front under a burnt out street light and a large impressive man got out. All of her self-defense classes came back in a rush and if he tried to act crazy his ass would get hurt. Preparing her mind and body for an attack she jogged past the figure as his hand shot out and gasped her elbow then his deep voice yelled.
“Tell me why you’re out here running at twelve thirty at night”.
Screaming she kicked at his legs trying to get loose then with her free hand she slapped hard against the side of his head. “Let go of me, you bastard,” Rynne yelled pulling at her other arm without stopping the blows to his head.
“Shit, stop hitting me,” he snapped capturing her flying hand tugging it behind her back.
Kicking him harder Rynne was about to start screaming again when Pierce’s voice broke through her panic. “Rynne, please stop, so I don’t hurt you,” he said making her calm down enough to look into his face.
Falling on his chest she gasped, “My God, you terrified me.” She could hear the hard pounding on her heart inside her ears.
Releasing her wrists Pierce wrapped his arms around her wet T-shirt and pressed her to his hardness. She enjoyed the rich masculine smell the man that was starting to mean more to her than he should. However what he said ever in his house came back to her and made her to move out of out his arms.
“I’ve to go.” She muttered brushing past his body and took off running.
Pierce caught up with her instantly and blocked her path. “Where are you going?” he asked staring down at her.
Why should her care about her whereabouts? It wasn’t like she meant anything to him anyway. “Mr. McMahon, I don’t need you to watch over me.” Rynne muttered. “I’m quite capable of making it back to the hotel without your help.” She went around his body again and ran faster down the middle of the street hoping he wouldn’t follow.
Standing there Pierce watched as Rynne’s long legs carried her further away from him if she rounded the corner it would be harder to catch her. Shaking his head at the spunk of the woman in front of him he took off after her eating up the distance between them.
Rynne was about to round the corner when she felt Pierce’s hand wrapped around her elbow.
She tried to jerk off his touch, but he tripped over her shoe’s heel throwing them down on the grass. She landed on her back as Pierce fell on her chest knocking the wind out of her. Before she could move Pierce pulled her arms over her head and pinned her body below his. The intimate contact made her nipples harder and a pool of heat rush between her legs.
She tried twisting her body around hoping to dislodge Pierce’s body from hers, but it only caused his body to slide between her legs even more. “Get off me,” she screamed in his face.
“Stop struggling and let me help you up.” Pierce uttered.
“I don’t need you or anyone else. I can take care of myself.” She snapped jerking at her wrists.
Passion filled eyes glared into her then ran slowly over her face. “Did something happen after you ran out of my house?” Pierce questioned.
The moisture from the grass was soaking the back of the shirt she was wearing, “Can you please get off me I’m getting wet?” she asked.
Pierce closed the gasp between their faces, “If you let me I can make you wetter than you already are,” he whispered nibbling at the corner of her mouth. Shocked by his words Rynne felt her body responding to him and it didn’t go unnoticed by Pierce either who brushed his chest over her hard nipples.

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cinquetta allen said...

Very interesting I like it. I can't wait to read it. Good luck!Check your pronouns and use of adverbs and proposition. In couple sentences you use him instead of her. I am no english teacher but edit.