Saturday, October 06, 2007

Beneath the surface contest is here!!!!

Marie Rochelle fans,
It's finally here! The Beneath the Surface contest! Please answer the following six questions and email me the answers @
Answers posted here or sent to any other email address will be invalid. The contest will run from October 6 thru October 31 and the winner will be announced on November 3rd.
The prize is a $20.00 gift card from Books-a-Million. Have fun and please remember the more detail you give the better chance you have at winning.
Good Luck to all.
Beneath the Surface questions
1. What was Rynne wearing when Pierce first made love to her? (Hint...I mean completely and not foreplay)
2. How old is Rynne?
3. What kind of present does Rynne give Pierce for his birthday?
4. Who is Marcia?
5. How does Pierce find about Rynne's job?
6. What does Rynne's brother do for a living?
Please remember to email the answers to and place Contest answers in the subject line.

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