Sunday, October 21, 2007

Recommended Read: Hot like Fire!!!

Samson Ahiga Madeira is the American Dream. He has money like Midas, a mind like a steel trap, and a body like OH DAMN!!! But for everything he does have, he doesn’t have a woman that would tempt him to give it all up…the one whom would complete his whole life. While vacationing at a South Pacific resort, he literally stumbles across the path of his destiny. Mariana may have been the type of woman that Gaugin’s canvases were made for, but to him she was simply the woman that he’d spent the last thirty odd years breathing for.

Mariana is an inferno waiting to happen. Vacationing at the exotic resort as a treat for not making her ex the subject of a forensics show, she hopes to make peace with the woman she is and say good riddance to the woman she’ll never be. In the process she finds the one man that sees right through her serene disposition and her carefully-constructed don’t-give-a-damns. Regardless of swearing off of men, Mariana is drawn to Samson…then again Samson is not simply a man. He is the only man.

It’s obvious that Samson and Mariana belong with each other regardless of the men that want her back and her own denials. It’s also obvious that Samson plans on winning this battle of wills. And it’s just as obvious that for once, Mariana has found a contest that she doesn’t mind losing.

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andrea said...

HEY you work...thanks for promoting my sisters lmao...thats great...guess what i am doing on yeah right ...nope gonna get to actually read all your's hoping they dont' screw me outta my week off ...i am counting the days

Writerdiva said...

Oh, I love them. There was no way I couldn't promote their book. Please let me know what you think of Beneath the Surface.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Marie!