Monday, October 01, 2007

Beneath the Surface unedited excerpt...Coming 10/04/07 from Red Rose Publishing

Lifting her body into his arms, Pierce walked the short distance to the tub and gently placed her in. “Are you going to join me?” Rynne asked while the bubbles floated around her breasts.
”No, baby, tonight is for you,” he said bending down to rest his elbows on the tub’s edge.
Taking her hand out of the water, Rynne ran it through his thick hair, “You better be careful or I’ll get use to all this pampering.”.
“You deserve everything you’re getting, baby,” he told her standing up. “Relax,” Pierce pointed a finger at her and then he left her alone with her bath.
Buy at Red Rose Publishing on 10/04/07

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Danielle said...

That cover is hot! I loved the excerpt as well. I'll definitely check out more of your work. I am becoming a fan,