Saturday, December 03, 2005

Meeting Hayward

Well, I know that I was supposed to keep my blog more up-to-date, but I've been so busy with the holiday season coming up. I love Christmas time. Christmas is my favorite holiday! I still remember the enjoy of falling to sleep as a child hoping Santa would come and leave me a gift or two.

Okay, let me get to how the critique went of Loving True. I don't think it went all that bad. Most of the ladies at my critique group liked True and I loved that. I wanted True to be likeable and for the female readers to be able to relate to her emotions.

However, Hayward was a harder sell for them. Now, they liked him. But I think they wanted a little more emotional discovery from his side. So in about two weeks, I'm doing a hotseat as my beloved Hayward. I love how he is. He's a true alpha male from the top of his dark head down to his size 15 shoes.

I can't wait until the females in my critique group love him as much as I do. I know they will after they experience the world of Hayward.

Also while I'm waiting from them to finish critiquing my first novel. I'm working on another with another strong alpha male. He speaks to me just as much as Hayward did. I can't wait to see how his story unfolds.

By the way, I think this actor would make a perfect Hayward.

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