Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Storm is blowing in......

Today has been a pretty good day for me. I got to work on my other mss without a lot of problems coming my way. I've been trying to work on "Storm" for a while now, but sometimes I don't have the extra time to sit and think about him. However today wasn't one of those days. It seemed like my words just flowed from my mind onto the computer screen.

However, I feel so BAD that I haven't focused more on Clinton Campbell my secondaray character from my first mss. "Loving True." He's Hayward older brother and a lot different than Hayward. I would almost call him a "good guy" but not quite yet.

He's is more laid back than Storm and Hayward. Yet, he does has his own faults that I can't go into right at this moment.

Back to Storm....

He wants to be loved so bad, but before he can give himself freely. He needs to get rid of all the baggage from his past. It will be a long time before he understand and comes to grip with this. I love Strom because he's constantly testing my writing abilities.

Well, until next time.... Keep writing and enjoying life!


Rachel Cade said...

hey deena! got my chapter 6 and LOVED it
you get a little dirty girl! go on ahead:)

Writerdiva said...

Hey, I was surprise about chapter 6 myself. I didn't know that I had that in me, but I think it's Storm. He's a little rougher than Hayward and Clinton.

I'm working on Chapter 7 right now. I'm probably work through until chapter 10, then I'll send them to you.